4 Essential Facts About The Cost Of Residing In Senior Assisted Living Facilities

4 Essential Facts About The Cost Of Residing In Senior Assisted Living Facilities

4 essential facts about the cost of residing in senior assisted living facilities

Old age often leaves an individual incapacitated to perform their daily activities; mobility issues and a decline of one’s health interferes with the individual’s ability to lead a normal, carefree life. Another crucial issue that can lead to the deterioration of the senior citizen’s health is loneliness; since the kids are all grown-up and leading their own lives, senior citizens often find themselves suffering from bouts of loneliness. All these issues combined can take a major toll on their health, and it is often extremely difficult to have a family member look after the ailing senior citizen round-the-clock. In such circumstances, it is often advisable for such senior citizens to opt for assisted living facilities where all their grievances will be taken care of.

The senior assisted living facilities offer these forlorn senior citizens a new lease of life; such facilities often function in the form of communities, thereby, tending to the senior citizen’s need for companionship. Moreover, it even provides senior citizens with a 24×7 caregiver who will help them in their daily activities. You can even choose the accommodation of your choice when it comes to choosing the right senior citizen assisted living facility—it can be a senior assisted living apartment or a condo. It is common knowledge that such facilities won’t come cheap, and there are certain factors you need to consider before choosing an assisted living facility for the elderly.

Why is a senior citizen assisted living a better option than in-home care?

  • Assisted senior living facilities functions along the lines of in-home care as both offer assistance with one’s daily activities which includes bathing, grooming, dressing, transportation to different places, medication reminders, and meal preparation. In-home care is great as it gives the senior citizen attention within the comfort of their homes.
  • Assisted senior citizen communities, however, offer something extra than the in-home care; it gives the senior citizen the opportunity to interact with people who are facing the same plight as them, and this gives them a sense of belonging. Social interaction often helps senior citizens deal with changes.

How much does assisted living cost per month?

  • It is imperative for one to know that living in senior citizen assisted living apartments or communities don’t come cheap, and the cost of living differs from one community to another.
  • Also, this cost depends on the type and features of the senior assisted living apartment you have chosen and the number of services offered to the inhabitant. The monthly rent of such apartments includes rent, dining services, utilities, housekeeping, personal care, and other services and amenities made available to senior citizens.
  • Usually, a regular senior assisted living facility would charge around $3,500 per month, but this cost is subjected to vary according to the above-mentioned factors. The services offered and the type of apartment chosen by the individual are what determines whether the monthly rent will be more than the average amount or less than that.

What factors are included in the monthly fees for elderly assisted living homes?

  • The monthly fee for elderly assisted living homes is determined by the type of facility you have chosen for your loved ones. The basic monthly fee covers every service offered to the senior citizens to lead their lives comfortably.
  • This monthly fee depends on whether you have opted for a shared accommodation or private apartment. It includes the typical two or three meals per day, utilities such as heat, AC, and electricity, maintenance, weekly housekeeping, and laundry of bed linens. This monthly rent even includes the social, fitness, cultural, and educational programs organized for senior citizens. The cost of maintaining a 24-hour staff is also included in the monthly fee.

Are the costs of the senior assisted living apartments the same across companies?

  • Well, the costs of the senior assisted apartments depend on the community you are renting the apartment in, and the service package you have chosen.
  • Also, the size of the apartment, location, special features, geographical location, and the company to which the community belongs to determines the cost of the senior assisted living apartments. Thus, the costs tend to vary from one company to another.

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