4 Essential Fashion Tips For The Fashionistas In Their 60S

4 Essential Fashion Tips For The Fashionistas In Their 60S

4 essential fashion tips for the fashionistas in their 60s

“Fashion knows no age”- we have heard this so often, but seldom have we seen older women adhering to this adage. Women start becoming self-conscious about their bodies as they age and often harbor inane ideas that fashion is meant only for the younger lot. So, once they cross 50, you can see them seeking shelter behind long, loose skirts and dull cardigans. The slightly more confident ones stick to pants, but those aren’t the regular, figure-flattering pants you see; these pants are loose, thick, and far from flattering your body type.

Gone are the days when the dresses for older women were limited to ill-fitted pants and sweaters; these days you will come across websites that are dedicated to encouraging women over 50s and 60s to get rid of their old clothes and revamp their wardrobe with exciting options. Women over 50s and 60s can welcome bright colors and fresh trends into their lives and bid adieu to mundane colors that once occupied their wardrobes.

If you are keen on knowing how to revamp your wardrobe with interesting and trendy clothes, here are certain things you need to know.

What factors are to be considered while buying a dress?

  • If you are a woman over 50 or 60 years of age, you need to be extra careful when you decide to buy a dress that flatters your body and compliments your age. There are high chances that this can go downhill due to an error in judgment.
  • While buying a special occasion dress, you need to be careful that the dress isn’t too short and doesn’t show too much skin. It is advisable to dress elegantly rather than making a gamble.
  • One essential tip while you are out shopping for a special occasion dress for yourself: define your waistline irrespective of how small or big it is. It ensures that the dress hugs your body and doesn’t simply “fall” on your body. If you aren’t happy with the dresses in the stores, you can look for a good tailor who will make perfectly-fitting dresses for you.

Which are the perfect special occasion dresses for women over 60s?

  • This is a widely-harbored misconception that once you cross your 60s, even your special occasion dresses have to be boring and unattractive. Set the beige skirts and jackets aside, as there are plenty of stylish special occasion dresses for women over 60.
  • It is imperative that you opt for “classic” instead of “conservative” and understand the difference between these two terms. Give that straight-cut dress a twist; opt for a fit and flare dress with floral or embellished works on it. However, ensure that it doesn’t go over the top with the embellishment and sparkles. You can embrace floral prints as well; you can look up to Meryl Streep’s wardrobe for inspiration.
  • You can even add an interesting twist to your regular dress with the help of an embellished blazer. Nothing radiates style and class as a regular black dress paired with a stunning blazer, and a set of pearls to complete the entire outfit.

Do wrap dresses compliment a woman over 60?

  • Yes, wrap dresses can be worn by women over 60s. Wrap dresses, especially with three-quarter-length sleeves, are quite pretty and look chic when worn by older women.
  • However, you need to pay attention to details here; it is imperative to avoid wrap dresses that have a large bow in the front; a bow at the back is alright, but the one in the front can ruin the elegance of the dress.

Are sundresses the perfect sunny-day outfit for a woman over 60?

  • Contrary to popular notion, a sundress can be worn by women of all ages. Sundresses are an amazing piece of clothing, as they combine style and functionality.
  • Sundresses are the perfect outfit for women over 60s if they wish to attend a barbecue party or simply have a girls’ days out.
  • Sundresses usually have floral prints and have a pastel background. However, it is imperative that you opt for sundresses that have smaller floral prints as they look better than large prints. Also, you can even pair it with a cardigan or a denim jacket to make it look trendier.

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