4 Things To Know Before Buying Tires Online

4 Things To Know Before Buying Tires Online

Buying good quality tires is essential to ensure that your drive experience is hassle-free and safe. A wrong choice of tires will not only cause damage to your vehicle but will also cost you a lot in repairs and replacements. You can either buy tires from your local auto parts shop or through online retailers. When you buy tires online, you will find a lot of options in terms of brands, tire types, and price range. Also, if are looking for special tires, you can easily find them online.

Apart from a wide range of options, buying tires online gives you a lot of conveniences since you can buy them from anywhere at any time you want. You just have to input the make, model, and year of your car on the website of the online retailer, and you will find the right tires for your vehicle in seconds. Some online retailers also offer the option of shopping for tires according to the size. Also, you can read through the reviews of existing customers to get the best tire deals for your money. If you have decided to buy tires online, here are a few things you need to know.

Which are some of the popular websites to buy tires online?

  • You can buy tires online directly through the websites of original equipment manufacturers (OEM) or through online retailers.
  • OEM websites include retail websites of Hankook, Michelin, Goodyear, and so on.
  • Other online retailers from where you can get some of the cheapest tire deals include Costco, Tire Rack, TireBuyer, Tire Barn, Pep Boys, and so on.
  • You can also buy tires online through aftermarket online retailers such as Wheelfire, WheelMax, WheelStudio, and so on.

How to compare prices of tires while buying tires online?

  • The total price of tires when you buy them online includes the listed price of the tires, shipping cost, cost of installation, disposal fees, and excise taxes. Ensure that you check all these additional costs and not just the listed price of the tires when you are going through multiple online retailers when you buy tires online.
  • Also, check whether the retailer charges sales tax. Online retailers that have a warehouse or office in the state that you reside will levy sales tax on your purchase.

Do you have to install and mount the tires yourself while buying them online?

  • You can choose to install the tires on your own, however, there might be risks associated with this since tire mounting and installation is a highly skilled task and requires special equipment. For the safety purposes, the tires should be accurately balanced. Only an expert can ensure the correct installation, mounting, and balance of your new tires.
  • Many online tire retailers work with local installers to provide tire installation and mounting services to their customers. In this case, the retailer will deliver the tires to the local installation shop. Once the tires have arrived, the installer will contact you to bring your car to the shop and have the tire installed. You will have to pay additional installation charges along with the listed tire prices.

Can you return and get refunds on tires bought online?

  • Most online retailers have an easy return policy of 30 to 45 days depending on where the tires have been delivered, to your residence or the local installation shop. There are usually no return shipping fees, especially if the tires are delivered free of charge to a local installer in the retailer’s network.
  • Retailers accept returns only when the tires have not been mounted on and driven.
  • The cost of the tires is refunded once the retailer receives the product back in resale condition.

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