Cheap And Secure Methods To Reorder Checks

Cheap And Secure Methods To Reorder Checks

Cheap and secure methods to reorder checks

Do you need to reorder your bank checks? Before logging into the bank’s website and ordering checks, you will need to do some homework. Ordering these checks directly from the banks can be quite expensive. The typical fee for ordering checks from banks is around $25, but some banks could charge a higher amount too. Luckily, there are other methods to procure checks at prices cheaper than this. There are several websites where buyers can reorder checks for as little as $6.

How do you ensure that store-bought checks are secure?

  • Today, users don’t need to order checks from banks. They have the option of purchasing inexpensive checks from online stores like, Costco,, etc.
  • However, if you are apprehensive about the security aspect of checks bought from online stores, there is one way to help you out. You can upgrade the security level of these checks by subscribing to FraudArmor™. This company provides CheckArmor® service that can help you prevent check frauds.
  • Checks are safe only when your account details are secure and confidential. CheckArmor® adds a layer of security to your checks, ensuring that no malicious hackers steal your identity and misuse your personal information. If scrupulous entities try to use your checks by fraudulently signing your name, this security service will actively help you recover your information and prevent any further losses.

How much do you need to pay for check fraud recovery services?

  • Check security services do not cost that much. These services are priced at around $3 extra per book of checks. However, the charge also depends on the number of checks you order.
  • If one doubts the value of these services, they should remember that the security shield is available for one full year at such a low price.

How can one order checks from

  • When you reorder checks from, you have the option of choosing from various patterns available on the website. You have to select a design and click on its image. After this, you will be redirected to another page. There, you have to add details such as the format of the check, the number of checks you need, etc. Then, click the “Next” button.
  • Add your contact number, zip code, email address, account number, routing number, and the starting check number. Remember that the website will verify this information with the database of your bank. You can choose a custom font and message to personalize the checks or use a monogram to give them a sophisticated touch.
  • Then, you need to place the order and pay for the checks. The company will deliver these checks to your address.

How to order checks from Costco?

  • Costco also offers books of checks. Each book contains 246 checks and costs $7.5 approximately.
  • If you become a member of Costco, you can get a further discount on these checks. The standard blue security checks cost around $6 per checkbook.
  • If you wish to personalize your checks, Costco also offers checkbooks with a variety of designs.

How can one order checks from Vistaprint?

  • Vistaprint offers bundles of 25 checks but this website is relatively more expensive compared to other check suppliers.
  • However, they offer numerous promo codes that can bring down the price of the checkbooks.
  • Some promotional codes may cut the price of the bank checks by half. For example, an order for 500 bank checks, i.e., 20 books can cost around $45 after applying these promo codes. Thus, this is still a cheaper deal than the amount that many banks charge.
  • You can get a wide variety of checks here. You can design the pages and also change the font. Additionally, you can upload your picture on these checks too.

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