How To Choose The Correct Senior Cell Phone Plan

How To Choose The Correct Senior Cell Phone Plan

How to choose the correct senior cell phone plan

What are the few things that you look for when you are deciding on a cell phone plan? Unlimited data, video streaming, and latest technology, right?

But there is still a section of the society who is not drawn to these fancy plans. A major part of this population are senior citizens. These old people use their phone only to make calls and stay connected with their loved ones.

So, it makes no sense for them to pay for services that they would never use. The best part is that the cell phone service companies have recognized this fact and today once you enter the golden age, you will feel special with the number of cell phone plans designed especially for senior citizens.

This guide will help you make the right choice when it comes to choosing a plan among the best senior cell phone plans.

What factors to considering while selecting the plan?

  • While choosing a plan among the best senior cell phone plans, you need to keep in mind some of the important deciding factors.
  • You should check out the talk time and the data limit before you subscribe to a plan.
  • One of the important factors to consider is your budget. Take into consider the cost, taxes and monthly fee before choosing one of the best senior cell phone plans.
  • Agreed that senior citizens mostly use limited features and prefer plans which offer them with basic functions. But when you are buying a cell phone and subscribing for a plan for senior citizens, make sure to consider the device compatibility.
  • Today there are phones that support handy features and devices like Bluetooth, hearing aid, emergency dialling functions and medication alerts.

What are the top cell phone service companies that offer best senior cell phone plans?

  • Today most of the top mobile services have affordable plans designed for the senior citizen crowd.
  • Some of the reliable mobile service providers to check for best senior cell phone plans are AT&T, T Mobile, Cricket Wireless and GreatCall.

What are the best plans for tech-savvy senior citizen?

  • Though many senior citizens like to stay away from the social media chaos, there are some who don’t let the age deter them and enjoy spending time surfing on net.
  • For such senior citizens, there are plans that offer enough mobile data yet don’t cost much.
  • AT&T has a plan called Cricket Wireless Basic that is one of the best senior cell phone plans for mobile-savvy old people. If you are a new customer, then you will have to pay an initial activation charge of $ 25 and then every month pay around $40. The plan gives you unlimited talk time, text messages and 5 GB internet data.
  • Verizon is another mobile service that has a prepaid plan where you must pay $ 50 for 7GB of internet data and unlimited calls and texts.
  • Boost Mobile Unlimited is another plan that qualifies as one of the best senior cell phone plans. For a monthly price of $50, you get unlimited talktime, messages and high- speed data.

What are the best emergency cell phone plans that you must know?

  • One of the best emergency cell phone plans is the GreatCall WeTalk 200 plan. GreatCall comes with a Jitterbug phone, which is designed keeping in mind the needs of a senior citizen.
  • The Jitterbug phone has big buttons and a bright screen with big displays which help an elderly person to read the text on the screen with ease.
  • With a monthly fee of $14. 99, this plan gives you 200 minutes of talktime with no internet and texts.
  • One of the best things about this service provider is that senior citizens get the benefit of including additional health services to the plan.

The best way to find the best cell phone plan is to compare the features and ask the current users to rate the services. Choose a plan that offers exactly what you are looking for and pay the right price for the same.

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