The Best Business Accounting Software For Small Businesses

The Best Business Accounting Software For Small Businesses

The best business accounting software for small businesses
Every small business needs a good business accounting software. Majority software feature general ledger management, payment processing, and invoicing, among other things. Business accounting is indeed a very important aspect for a company. It gives valuable insights required to make key financial decisions. Earlier, the analysis used to be done by accountants manually. This used to take a lot of time; luckily, it has been replaced with automated solutions.

Accounting software essentially helps small businesses to effectively and efficiently keep track of their day-to-day finances, without having to spend additional resources on account management. There are many accounting software available in the market, and you need to choose the one that will suit your business model in the best way. Some important aspects to consider are security, ease of usability and integration. Moreover, pricing is also a crucial factor to look for. Below is a list of the top business accounting software and why one should choose them.

Why choose FreshBooks?

  • FreshBooks has simple and advanced features that come with the business accounting software.
  • It has a sleek interface that promotes collaboration among team members. This results in improved work quality.
  • It also comes with a lot of mobile add-ons that enable the user to access information anytime and from anywhere.
  • It has online payment solutions for businesses.
  • It has the invoice to payment functionalities that help users catch exactly when the customer opened the invoice.
  • It tracks the current as well as past invoices and helps categorize them accordingly for business needs.

Why choose Sage 50cloud?

  • It is a perfect blend of using the desktop with the power of the cloud. It offers over 50 different features that help you manage your business requirements and operations.
  • All the information is kept safe and can be accessed online. The security offered by this business accounting software is of bank level.
  • It has an enterprise-grade feature that makes it a really affordable accounting software for a small business. Due to its feasibility, it has been used by 7 million customers from 23 countries.
  • It makes accounting feasible, and users can be prepared for the tax sessions with its built-in balances and checks.

Why choose FreeAgent?

  • It is specially made for small businesses and freelancers and has all the necessary tools that help them in accounting.
  • It provides an overview that shows all the invoices, time slips, estimates, and projects in one place and also shows all the important data.
  • FreeAgent is a business accounting software that incorporates payments directly into the system, enabling the user to attach payment links to the invoices for their international clients.
  • It helps in managing business expenses and also helps the user attach expenses to each individual project.
  • It has a feature of advanced expense management that enables the expenses to be categorized by currency. The expenses can also be linked to specific projects and can be tracked.

Why choose Zoho books?

  • Zoho imports all the bank transactions as well as credit cards, thus eliminating the need for manual entries. All the data is categorized based on the bank rules.
  • The option of automatic payment notification helps the users communicate with the client when the payment is due. Users can also set a frequency of payment for the work.
  • This business accounting software has a very good customer relationship management tool that makes the client feel as if they are a part of the payment process.
  • The system helps users collect the retainers and prepayments. It also enables the user record offline payments.
  • The users have to simply enter the time spent on the project, and Zoho books will record all the expenses incurred in the process.

Why choose QuickBooks?

  • QuickBooks is yet another business accounting software that helps in accounting and to edit, share, and create its duplication with the relevant stakeholders.
  • It gives users an online access, and they can also create customizable feeds and charts.
  • It secures all the information in the cloud that can be exported to Excel sheets.
  • All the subscriptions are provided with support, and there are regular upgrades as well as updates that are provided.
  • It is targeted to the freelancers and small businesses and simplifies even the most complex accounting processes.
  • It allows multiple users to view corporate accounts as well as reports.

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