Tips To Get Great Deals On Broadway Tickets

Tips To Get Great Deals On Broadway Tickets

Tips to get great deals on Broadway tickets
The term Broadway theater is used to refer to theatrical performances that are held along Broadway in Midtown Manhattan, New York City. Along with Britain’s own West End theater, Broadway is considered to be the highest level of English theatrical shows in the world. Broadway has become so synonymous with New York life and culture that the popularity of this theater sees it travel for tours to perform shows across the country. No wonder landing Broadway tickets is not only difficult but also an expensive affair. Yet, it is a necessary art. In fact, attending a show at Broadway is considered to be a customary act for any tourist visiting the Big Apple.

Here are some great tips on booking Broadway tickets and some clues to availing of really good deals.

How do I book Broadway tickets?
You may book a Broadway ticket through any of the following ways:

  • Book tickets online at websites such as BroadwayBox.
  • Head to a TKTS booth in Times Square or at Lincoln Center.
  • Purchase a ticket from the theater box office.
  • Use an app such as TodayTix to book your ticket.

Do I need to book Broadway tickets in advance?

  • Yes, it is advisable to book Broadway tickets in advance. Waiting in line for a Broadway ticket may easily see you spend a couple of hours standing.
  • Also, if you are planning on visiting New York and are short on time, do book your tickets at least a few months in advance. This is also because the most popular shows, such as The Lion King, sell out months in advance.
  • In case you miss booking a ticket in advance, the only way to get tickets is through a broker who may charge you almost 50% more than the actual value of the ticket.

Are there any tricks of getting discounts on Broadway tickets?

  • Purchase your tickets at a TKTS booth. You will find tickets being sold with discounts ranging from 25% to 50%. So, you may even land a ticket for as low as $85, which is a pretty good deal.
  • Opt for a standing room or rush tickets as these tickets sell for as low as $25. The only problem is that all shows do not have a standing-only option and rush tickets may not always be available.
  • Rush tickets are sometimes exclusively available on student IDs.
  • Keep checking websites for running discounts.
  • A Theater Development Fund (TDF) membership entitles eligible people to enjoy significant discounts on Broadway tickets.
  • Applications (apps) such as TodayTix often run lotteries that sell the winners Broadway tickets, to major shows, for as low as $10.

What are standing-room-only bookings?

  • If a show is sold out, the theater sometimes offers an option to purchase standing-room-only tickets.
  • True to their name, these tickets literally mean you will stand in allotted available spaces within the theater.
  • If you get lucky, you might find a seat left unoccupied after the initial intermission.
  • Do remember that not all Broadway shows offer standing-room-only tickets. So, this is not an option to rely on if you really want to see a show.

Are there any tips to remember before booking Broadway tickets?

  • Before choosing your seat, do study the floor plan of the theater you wish to visit. This is because sometimes, you could end up with a seat that is next to an obstruction such as a pillar. This may truly hamper your theater-going experience.
  • If a show is sold-out, check for return tickets. These are tickets that have been returned by people who cannot make the show. Head to the box office a few hours before the show and check if there are any available for sale.
  • If anyone you know is a writer, do check if they are a member of the Dramatists Guild. Members of this association of professional writers often get free tickets on the day of the performance.

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