Trending Nail Color And Nail Art

Trending Nail Color And Nail Art

Trending nail color and nail art
Like any other cosmetics, nail paints also trend with the season. In the summer season, mostly the vibrant shades, with bright and pastel hues topping the charts, are preferred. In the winters, mostly deep, festive colors surface and, the fancy metallic and jewel-toned nail polish simply add the right amount of sparkle to assert the celebrations that the season brings. With an increase in the number of nail art trends every coming day, the options available in classy nail designs are also plenty. Nowadays, certain nail brands are expanding from just polish toward more nail care, which includes care for the cuticles, hands, and feet. These products often make use of unique varieties of packages and dispensing options, which frequently consist of dropper packs for cuticle oils and quick-dry drops that make up the top nail color trends.

Which are the latest and top celebrity nail color trends?
The following are the popular nail color ideas:

  • Classic red: This undying color is one of the top nail color trends for spring 2018. This color was spotted on many celebs from Candice Swanepoel and Zendaya to Selena Gomez and Vanessa Hudgens. They have donned rocking and glossy finishes.
  • Pale pink: Profound and lighter pink shades have always been the favorite colors among celebrities. These smooth shades might also make for pretty toenail colors.
  • Wintry shades: These are dark nail colors, but they are the best for parties and night-outs.
  • Nude: This is an all-time favorite color no matter what the occasion. You may try such neutral nail colors as pedicure colors.
  • Lilac: Light and cool pastels are the perfect nail color ideas. You may try lilac and lavender on long and pointy nail shapes to look both badass and feminine.
  • Black: This shade is one of the popular top nail color trends between Lily-Rose Depp and Blake Lively. Regardless of whether matte or glossy, shades of black are very popular.
  • Bright yellow: The color that Kylie Jenner flaunted on her nails in the campaign for her upcoming makeup collection was a bright yellow. It is one of the latest ones that you can try.

What are the top nail color trends to wear to the office?

  • A classy look with minimal fashion is always preferred for the office environment.
  • The best idea for nail designs for office is to go for only one color, that is, going monotone.
  • Also, if you wish to try nail art, you must choose nail designs with the same color and try to keep it as simple as possible.
  • You don’t want people to stare at your fancy nails while you are in a meeting or giving a presentation. So it is a must that you stay classy and beautiful.

Which are the nail arts in trend?

  • Tiny floral prints with geometric designs, French tips, and tiny embellishments are good ideas for classy nail art.
  • Many people love baby pink colored nail art, which is just perfect for dates and Valentine’s day. The shimmery heart looks very adorable.

What are casual classy nail designs?

  • It is not necessary to pamper your nails with the top nail color trends only on special occasions.
  • You must make them feel special even when you are just at home and have nothing to do.
  • Casual nail designs work well for casual days as you don’t need to think much.
  • You may just opt for a neutral shade or white that’ll work well regardless of what you are up for in the week!

What are the top nail color trends for toenails?

  • Many people don’t like nail art on the toes as they get hidden when you wear shoes, and by the time you may need to show them it fades away.
  • So it is preferred to just go for classy nail paints on the toenails like a single shade or alternate bright and light colors.
  • You may also try tiny dots or lines to make your nail design stand out.

What is watercolor-effect nail art?

  • These high fashion nails look similar to watercolor paintings on canvas.
  • Some of the popular designs in this are random splashes of color, abstracts, and florals.
  • Not everyone is skilled enough to be able to paint gorgeous tiny flowers on nails, and this is where press-on watercolor nails come in handy.

What are negative space nail designs?

  • These trendy nail designs are very creative and cool.
  • As its name suggests, these nail designs have empty spaces where no color is filled and natural nails are also visible.
  • Surely they are very complicated as well as time taking, but they are worth it.

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